Art Show Application

Fall Fest Art Show Sign-Up

Hosted by the Ware Historical Society

Featuring the works of the late Elizabeth “Betty” Lincoln 

  • The Art Show will be held in the Great Hall of Ware Town Hall at 126 Main Street. The date is Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 11am to 5pm.
    • The event is being coordinated by the Ware Historical Society and the Ware BCA Fall Fest Committee.
    • Entry Fee is $25 per artist.
    • Artists may check in the day before from 3pm to 7 pm or on the day of the show from 7am to 9 am. Your exhibit must be ready when the show begins at 11 am.
    •  Each artist is responsible for his or her own display, which must be staffed by the artist at all times during the day. Volunteers will be available to assist for short periods of time.
    • Coordinators trust each artist to provide appropriately themed work with the right to prohibit any art forms deemed unsuitable for family values. Any work which is inconsistent with submitted images will be turned away.
    • Artists must present only their own work in their assigned spaces.
    • All artists will transact their own sales and are responsible for complying with the state and local sales tax regulations.
    • Coordinators:The Ware Historical Society and the Ware BCA are not responsible for art pieces left overnight in the exhibit area.


Fall Fest Art Show Sign-Up

Saturday, October 5, 2013 11am to 5pm

Featuring the works of the late Elizabeth “Betty” Lincoln



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Please give a short description of your intended works to be exhibited.






Please attach a resume or biography to this application for the program. Program deadline is September 20, 2013.


Please send your completed application, biography, and check made payable to the Ware Historical Society, P.O. Box 351 Ware, MA 01082


Please forward comments and questions to Cindi at or call Cindi @#413-967-3887.