Press Release

Ware Business & Civic Association

PRESS RELEASE September 4th

Ware Business District Revitalization Takes a Step Forward

“The consultants are gone, the ideas and suggestions remain; it is time for action!” said Bill Braman, President of the Ware Business & Civic Association (WB&CA). The ideas and recommendations brought forward during the brainstorming session at WB&CA’s June meeting have been sorted, reviewed and developed into action plans. The WB&CA’s Steering Committee has been meeting over the summer months in preparation for the Wednesday, September 17th it Happen” of all interested people in the revitalization of the Ware Business District which will be held at Workshop 13 Cultural Arts & Learning Center at 13 Church Street Prioritization of projects was based on the brainstorming idea’s rate of reoccurrence.

There are some short term and medium range actions to bring back to the group for their support and implementation.

Projects with Quick Results:

• Ware in Bloom: Beautification of the Business District utilizing a window box program and potted plants.

• Clean Sidewalks: Doggie Baggie Containment Stations installed for a more pet friendly downtown and clean sidewalks.

• QR Code: Smart phone information for local historic landmarks and structures

• Community Calendar: A centralized calendar for all of Ware’s public events.

Multiple entities to have individual login and input ability.

Projects with Big Impact:

• Property Utilization: Inventory vacant and unoccupied structures in Business District and work with owners to develop plans for reuse and solicitation of new tenants.

• Streetscape Scenarios: Develop sketches and computer renderings of different streetscape scenarios for Ware’s Main Street based on input from residents and businesses taking into consideration the needs of motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, as well as Town and State regulations.

• Ware’s Bass Fishing Tournament: Plan, publicize and host an annual Ware Bass Fishing Tournament in 2015.

For the September 17th details on these projects. “We are asking all people interested in making Ware’s Business District a thriving and vibrant place to shop, visit, dine and be entertained to think about these different projects; identify the one that is of interest to you and come out and help make it happen with us.” said Tracy Opalinski, Chairman of the WB&CA’s meeting entitled “Your Vision – Make meeting, the WB&CA’s Steering Committee will reveal more

The Ware Business & Civic Association was formed to develop, improve and expand business opportunities in the Town of Ware by fostering a positive environment of economic opportunity