Creative Executive Services

Bringing Alternative Strategies to Business Risk Exposures

Established in 1994, Creative Executive Services has developed new risk bearing alternatives to the commercial property and casualty insurance market.

  • Formed a personal automobile insurance market in Michigan, owned by 125 independent agents.
  • Formed and manage a Self-Insured Group, licensed in Massachusetts, insuring the Worker’s Compensation for employees of this 207 member public entity association.
  • Formed and serve as president of a Risk Purchasing Group  that offers General Liability Insurance to a select class of contractors nationwide.

William Braman, principal, has over 45 years experience in the property casualty field.  He has held executive positions with both large and small insurers and is knowledgeable in all components of a company’s operations including Marketing, Underwriting, Claims and Financial.

Contact Information:

William R. Braman, P.O. Box 1390, Ware, MA 01082

Phone:  413 221-4162  Fax:  413 967-8222