Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:

Our committee is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining a vibrant and productive economic atmosphere that strengthens the community, better serves residents and promotes Ware as an appealing destination point.

Our goal is to utilize the various talents within the residential and business community and focus them on efficient ways to transform Ware into a destination point for visitors and a resource to the residents. We seek to analyze all parameters negatively affecting the economic vitality and general appeal of Ware and developing executable plans to counter these unwanted circumstances.

Our objectives include, but are not limited to, the following.
* Maximize curb-appeal.
* Maximize advertising / promotions.
* Become a “destination point.”
* Become a resource for ALL businesses.
* Promote community awareness.
* Develop programs & initiatives.
* Coordinate supportive partnerships.
* Establish innovative enterprise & employment opportunities.